Wireline and Data Networking

There is a saying - Behind every great wireless network there exists a strong wireline network!" The reason behind this is a major portion of networking which supports wireless communication is wireline. The need of the bandwidth surpasses the available Wireless spectrum. Thanks to those rich and data consuming applications, for example, video streaming or video uploading. Though the wireless technology is moving in higher pace, but the changes required in the whole existing data transfer from wired to wireless is not possible in the near future. As the time moves the applications which support wireline also will be more and more. The needs of the consumer also goes higher and higher! Higher security feature and inexpensive devices are some of positives in using wired networks.

Ethernet cables and network adapters are the main components of Wireline network! A Wired Local Area Network (Wired LAN) needs hubs, switches and routers for efficient network connection with numerous computer systems and other network associated consumer electronic devices. Sharing of cable modem and DSL Internet Connections are eased by usage of Broadband routers. There are number of new products emerging in the market to support the growth of data services and also launch of new services on data networks.

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