Wireless Networking

The popularity in wireless networking is increasing rapidly and one of the major impacts is on Home Networking! The increasing usage is also due to significant decrease in prices of wireless products as the technology advanced. One of the major advantages of shifting to wireless from wired is the appearance! A neat and clean environment! No mess of untidy cables! Flexibility - user can choose a convenient place as per his requirement for placing the devices connected to the network!

Because of the above advantages, apart from telecom service providers, government and private enterprises, public spots, educational institutions and many more are moving from wired to wireless networking! High-speed Internet Access, VOIP, Ease of integrating into wired networks for data transfer all these have become possibility in wireless networking! Thanks to the advancement in the Wireless Technology!

Redeem has an expert Wireless team which can provide complete solution for wireless products such as WiFi, WiMax, Wireless Internet Cards, etc., The team is efficient in providing quality solutions for products used in wireless networking. Redeem Wireless engineers have in-depth knowledge and are specialized in implementing Wireless solutions for connectivity namely ,Point-to-Point', 'Point-to-Multipoint' and 'Multipoint-to-Any Point' as well as for Wireless LANs.